List of Creative Camera Products
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  • This list is provided for your convenience for matching product model numbers with product names in case you need to download updated drivers and applications, or obtain product information.

There are 2 ways to identify the model number of a webcam:

  1. Take the battery case cover off the WebCam. The model number is located beside the batteries

  2. The model number is located on the back of the WebCam.
    Note that the model number for the PC-Cam range is located on a sticker on the battery case cover.

Camera Name Model Number
Live! Cam Notebook Ultra VF0490
Live! Cam Chat IM VF0530
Live! Cam Video IM VF0540
Live! Cam Socialize VF0640
Live! Cam Chat HD VF0700/VF0790
Live! Cam Socialize VF0640
Live! Cam Socialize HD VF0610
Live! Cam Socialize HD 1080 VF0680
Live! Cam Socialize HD AF VF0690
Live! Cam Voice VF0170
Live! Cam Optia VF0270
Live! Cam Optia Pro VF0380
Live! Cam Optia AF VF0280
Live! Cam Optia AF (VF0560) VF0560
Live! Cam Vista IM (VF0420) VF0420
Live! Cam Vista IM (VF0260) VF0260
Live! Cam Video IM (VF0350) VF0350
Live! Cam Video IM (VF0220) VF0220
Live! Cam Video IM Pro (VF0410) VF0410
Live! Cam Video IM Pro (VF0230) VF0230
Live! Cam Video IM Ultra VF0415
WebCam Live! Motion VF0150
Live! Cam Notebook Pro (VF0400) VF0400
Live! Cam Notebook Pro (VF0250) VF0250
Live! Cam Notebook VF0470
Live! Cam Sync VF0520
Webcam Live! VF0050
Live! Ultra (USB 2.0, wide-angle video) VF0060
Creative WebCam Live! Ultra for Notebooks VF0070
WebCam Instant PD0620 (VF0040)
WebCam Live! Pro (USB 2.0) VF0080
WebCam Notebook PD1170
WebCam Vista/ Live! Cam Chat VF0330
WebCam Vista Pro VF0100
WebCam Vista Plus VF0090
PC-CAM 750 PD0230
PC-CAM 600 PD0230-4L
PC-CAM 550 PD1020
PC-CAM 350 PD1060
PC-CAM 300 PD0160
CardCam PD1070
CardCam Value PD1080
Webcam NX Ultra PD1120
Webcam NX PD1110
Webcam NX Pro PD1130
Webcam Pro eX PD1050
WebCam Pro PD1030
Creative WebCam PD1001
Video Blaster WebCam 3 CT6840
Video Blaster WebCam Go CT6860
Video Blaster WebCam Go Plus CT7510
Video Blaster WebCam Go ES PD0080
Video Blaster WebCam Go Mini PD0070
WebCam Mini PD0040
Video Blaster WebCam (Parallel) CTWC
Video Blaster WebCam 2(Parallel) CTWCII
Video Blaster WebCam 2 CTWCIIU
Creative WebCam (Staples Only) PD1100
Creative WebCam PD0160
WEBCAM Vision PD1010
Video Blaster WebCam 2 Plus CT VBWCP
Video Blaster MovieMaker PD0020
PC-CAM 300 (USA Edition) PD0160
PC-CAM 300 (Canada Edition) PD0160C
PC-CAM 300 (Latin Edition) PD0160L
WebCam Vista / Vibra WebCam VF0010/VF0010B/VF0010
WebCam Live! Motion Titanium VF0150TT
WebCam Live! Effects VF0080IM
Creative Game Star VF0080G
Digital Still Camera DC-3200Z DC-3200Z
Digital Still Camera DC-3000Z 1190
PC-CAM900 PD1200
PC-CAM 880 PD1160
Live! Wireless for Remote Monitoring VF0180 / VF0050
Creative Webcam Mobile PD1090
Vado VF0570
Vado HD VF0580
Vado HD 2nd Gen VF0584
Vado HD 3rd Gen VF0624
Live! Cam inPerson HD VF0720
Live! Cam Connect HD VF0750
Live! Cam Sync HD VF0770
Live! Cam Connect HD 1080 VF0760
Creative Senz3D VF0780
Intel RealSense 3D Camera (Designed by Creative) VF0800
BlasterX Senz3D/Intel RealSense Developer Kit (SR300) camera VF0810
Live! Cam IP SmartHD VF0820

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