ZEN Vision:M Recovery Mode Instructions

  1. If the battery is too low, charge the battery fully before continuing.
  2. Detach the ZEN Vision:M from the PC and ensure that the unit is off.
  3. Slide the Power switch towards the Power icon and hold the switch in the Power On position.
  4. Push the end of a pin-like object (for example, a straightened paper clip) into the reset hole, press gently and remove.
  5. The following options will be displayed:

    Recovery Mode Option Function
    Clean Up

    Scans the player and removes invalid links from its music library.

    Does not affect music files themselves.

    Format (All)

    Caution! Erases all content!

    Save a copy of your player's content before formatting.

    Reload OS/ Firmware

    Caution! Erases your player's firmware.

    DO NOT select the Reload Firmware option unless you have access to a PC and you have downloaded the necessary firmware to install.

    Reboot Reboots the device.